Why Choose Us

Matahari Cycle is the vanguard of adventure travel in Malaysia. We uphold originality, quality, safety, companionship, trust, and maintain a passion for being the best. We are here to make something rarely offered in Malaysia conveniently available to you.
The brand is a small, 100 percent locally-owned company representing a team of highly motivated, innovative, adventurous, experienced, and fun-loving people. The dazzling line-up cares for local communities, wildlife, mountains, jungles, forests, and rivers.
Our team’s primary focus is in situ rural livelihood and real-life outdoor experiences. Our tour products provide authentic local offerings, creating profound holiday encounters and ensuring a meaningful and transformative travel experience.
In a tourism world where the temptation is to focus on volume and profit, we chose a more challenging field of responsibility and sustainability. We honour ordinary rural matters by making vital recognition to their economic sectors.  When joining our tours, you use tourism to create an undeniably positive impact and value social benefits to our local communities.
Our team carefully designs all products on offer. Starting from imagination, producing just one experience involves several intricate phases. Yet, the most critical process is the multiple trials vital to connecting places and the local communities with our team. These lengthy tie bonding exercises are crucial to simulating mutual trust and understanding to produce spontaneous moments on your adventure later.
Quality is synonymous with the Matahari brand and is apparent to the most minimal details. Punctuality is a highly valued trait, while cleanliness and sustainability are crucial indicators in our selections of vendors and suppliers. In our stable, we stock well-maintained bicycles in various sizes. We also make sure that the bikes are all cleaned and components precisely working each time we hand them to you.
The criteria for your stay are selected based on comfort and safety, service and facilities, unique characteristics to local touch. The range of accommodation is from excellent hotels, out-of-the-way specialty lodging to family-owned – businesses.
Collaboration with specialty lodging offers exclusive opportunities beyond cycling.   Our attractive packages are the usual trappings of a peaceful set-up in typical Malaysian life. Relaxing in a sanctuary on a hill in Penang or soaking the Malay lifestyle in a village nestled by the morning mist of Tasik Raban are some examples.
There is no single definition of safety, as we continuously strive to bring the best into practice. We provide an array of decent hardware to meet high safety standards – excellent bicycles with enough spare parts and fitting bike helmets for your confidence. There is a provision vehicle that doubles in handy in an emergency. The guides and crew are your trained first aiders, and they carry first aid kits onboard your tour. Your safety is our utmost priority, and we are focused on fast-response aid and medical attention at any time.
On our trips, you rarely stand out like a tourist. Between shaping a strong bonding with the people, meaningful connection with travel places, and the companionship shaped swiftly with our guests, we possess an ideal formulation to deliver an authentic holiday experience to you.
In the trust we sow has propelled us ahead. After years, peer recommendations have consistently generated the highest demand for our products. Word of mouth is our most vital marketing tool, and we have seen friends, family members even passers-by of our past clients sent to our direction. The Matahari tour is a must-do activity in this part of the world.