About Us

It started with some simple questions! “Why are these places not on our tourism map? Why are visitors not experiencing the real Malaysia?” Why are guests not connecting with the ordinary folks, immersing in real life and the culture, and tasting authentic delicacies and our local cuisines?”

Some 20 years ago, we started to explore off-the-beaten paths through backroads that guided us to rare findings and exceptional places. Thrilled by the experiences and extraordinary marvels we discovered, our adventure gradually led us into sharing the refined allure of our land with you and the rest of the world.

In 2015, we created Matahari Cycle Tours to symbolize our dedication to focus on one corresponding aspect – you and your authentic experience. We believe that having you as the epicenter set us in the right direction to anticipating your every adventure dream. We constantly focus our thoughts and initiatives to present continual “Wow” moments on your outing.

“We don’t make our products boring by including familiar places and letting you carry out uninteresting touristy acts. Our lustrous team designs unique trips to set you off into the spirit of the country. Along with the uncanny proficiency of our crew and dazzling guides, who are all eager to surprise and delight.”

Your real-life adventure aims at staying connected to the natural environment, wildlife, cultural diversity, daily life, and of course, the most authentic local food. Our team has a strong bonding with the local folks and a good connection to the places of your visit. These traits never fail to deliver highlights, inspiring memories, and true-life stories you’ll treasure for the rest of your life.

Because tourism connects us with nature, we have the remarkable ability to spur environmental responsibility and conservation. We know that tourism is not just the victim but contributes to climate change. Besides adopting new methods and actively seeking solutions in reducing carbon footprints, we amplified our commitment by actively advocating sustainability to all our subjects.

Teaming with learning institutes and schools, we engage students in activities that impart positive concepts. Nevertheless, the most successful and inspiring approach was getting your involvement in educating the folks on preserving, minimizing, and protecting the fragile ecosystem. With us, we would like you to tell our people why you chose to visit their space and that of your expectations of them in the future.

On local economic sustainability – we focus on small enterprises and local suppliers. We stay committed to encouraging homegrown and local produce. Actively introducing, utilizing native products on our tours are ways to keep them motivated and alive. Part of your tour cost also supports our local economy through special projects. For example, we create workshops and introductory events to promote our findings to the local tourism scene.

Above all! Please don’t just take our words for it; see what our clients are saying!

Our past clients consistently rate our tours five stars out of 5. Some mentioned that we deserved more stars if that was an option; we have one of the lengthiest reviews reported on TripAdvisor.

Here is the team saying Selamat Datang.

What we do

Call it eco-travel, green travel, sustainable or ethical travel if you are an impact-minded traveler concerned about Earth’s ecosystem and indigenous cultures. You probably want to choose your travel providers carefully.

The critical link often comes to those who plan, organize, stage, and conduct your trip experience.

Named after the “SUN,” – Matahari’s mission is to bring people from different continents closer together one trip at a time.

Based in Georgetown, Penang, we specialize in small group and private tours that take on exhilarating experiences around the lesser-known and rural places in the Northern States of Malaysia.

Our offerings, such as cycling in the countryside at Balik Pulau and hiking experiences in Pulau Jerejak, or multi-day adventures in the Peninsula Malaysia, present the authenticity of the place and its residents.

Matahari’s long and healthy connection with the locales’ subjects is the key that adds a level of genuineness to your experience while providing tourism-generated income to the rural communities.

We believe connecting you with the local folks and nature results in positive impacts. Our company adheres exclusively to focusing on the network of rural matters to create and deliver solutions that propel them towards responsibility and a profitable future.

On a larger scale, we stage all our team building, special events, and program initiatives to continually promote lesser-known subjects.

Our programs and efforts have benefited some hidden gems such as Teluk Bahang, Sungai Chenaam, Sungai Acheh, and Ban Pecah. Through these programs, we brought together the people from the multi-national companies, private sectors, local government agencies, students, tourism players, and stakeholders to sample the potentiality of the area.

And to you, thank you for listening to our aims to promote and bring out the true spirit of our country. We hope to be able to serve you someday soon.