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Malaysian Cycling Challenge is a charity initiative by a group of ladies’ cyclists from the United Kingdom who called themselves “The Bike Buddies”.

Earlier scheduled for 2020, the effort was postponed twice due to the long pandemic situation. Come this October 2022 Matahari Cycle is proud to play host in welcoming and supporting the ladies in their notable quest to cycle almost 500 kilometers across 3 states of Penang, Perak, and Kedah.

Our charming cycling adventure takes us along coastal trails and rivers, from the mangrove forest to the vibrant river mouth, further inland crossing valleys, flowing streams, and waterfalls with majestic mountain backdrops. This trip was diligently designed to evident changes and variations in the day-to-day riding experience.

The cycling paths consist of riding on dirt or gravel trails, village paths, and some paved roads. Participants can relish the beauty of untouched places, captivating hamlets, and villages, while our stopover places are little-known locations such as Taiping, Kulim, Baling, and Sungai Petani.

Besides cycling, participants will take down the stream at Sungai Ketil in a canoe where they can witness the wildlife, indigenous community, and tropical forest before ending the leg next to a limestone outcrop.

Crossing the Penang Straits on our iconic ferry on Deepavali day, we head to the hilltop Waterfall Temple to join in the festival of lights before proceeding to Batu Ferringhi.

The initiatives include savoring tasty local delicacies and authentic dishes of the 3 states.

Bike Buddies and Matahari Cycle celebrate the charming and fascinating part of Malaysia.

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There is one thing we love doing over and over again – constantly taking visitors to discover the hidden places on our island. On this extended countryside tour, we let you sample a slice of mountain biking with an extended excursion of crossing along a secluded mountain pass.  Get an upclose encounter with the many spice and fruits plantations by the seacliff.   

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