Cycling Day Experience

Tour 1.2 Tropical Spice Tour – A Peek Into the Cliffside


This episode is a promise of a complete and rewarding experience. The uplift to the cliffside is the crowning addition to your countryside adventure. The extension takes you to a hideaway, on single tracks slopes facing the Straits of Malacca. Your reward is an incredible hilltop view of the coast in all its lush jungle glory.

 This area was once the cultivating side for the best nutmeg and clove, and the terrains still hide traces of its past plus a myriad of other spice plants, fruit trees surrounded by a dense tropical rain forest. Among the greener pastures are scattered located wooden ancestry homes of the farmers.

 Your approach to this sector starts with a steep ride on slopes with tight hairpin switchbacks. You are gently inching skyward passing banana plots, rubber plantation, palm oil trees before reaching a plateau overlooking durian treetops.  The hardest part is now over. Take a short break while you pat yourself on the back. 

 We are moving on into a more comfortable sector riding on undulating paths that require necessary technical skills and a lot of concentration. Listen to the beautiful sound of nature while we locate unique plants such as tamarind, cacao, mint, petai, cempedak, jackfruit, clove and nutmeg.

Before you know it, your path opens up to stunning scenery—a breathtaking vista of lush jungle slopping into a cosy coastline, an open and calm sea with an isle in the distance.

Take this ride any way you like it. Some prefer to take it easy soaking the surrounding pleasures while others may want to drown their socks.

The last slice of this adventure day is a long green descent to a little fishing hamlet lost in time.


  • Return Transfers – within Penang Island
  • Bicycle & Safety Helmet
  • Guide/s
  • Support Crew
  • Support Truck
  • Bottled Drinking Water -unlimited
  • Coffee/Tea & Delicacies
  • Sumptuous Local Lunch
  • Local Products & Fruits
  • End Food Serving

Map & Location

There is one thing we love doing over and over again – constantly taking visitors to discover the hidden places on our island. On this extended countryside tour, we let you sample a slice of mountain biking with an extended excursion of crossing along a secluded mountain pass.  Get an upclose encounter with the many spice and fruits plantations by the seacliff.   

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