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Matahari Special Events & Programs involve the connection between students, government agencies, and private sectors with the natural environment and the people living within. Our efforts are aimed at community-based tourism, fellowship, preservation, and sustainability. We hope that all our intention is beneficial to the future generation.

Kindly refer to our BLOG for program details.

2022 – FLEX Industries – Cycling & Mangrove Planting Program (Ban Pecah, Perak State)
2020 – CPR & Emergency Medical Workshop
2022 – Penang International School Children Countryside Cycling
2020 – Voluntourism (Balik Pulau Countryside Tour for Travel Trade Personnel)
2019 – Penang School Students (Mangrove Forest, Nature & Countryside Introduction Program)
2019 – Seberang Perai Eco – Mainland Penang Eco – Cycling Introduction to the Tourism Industry
2018 – Balik Pulau Tourism Festival
2018 – FLEX Industries – Cycling & Beat Plastic Pollution Campaign
2018 – Penang International Travel Exchange – Countryside Cycling and Exposure.
2017 – Genting (Singapore) CycleCruise – Malaysia & Thailand Cycling. Penang, Krabi & Phuket.
2016 – 2016 MARA Technology University (UITM) Sarawak – Countryside Cycling and Treasure Hunt
2016 – Penang Water Authority (PBAPP) Eco-Day Team Building.

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There is one thing we love doing over and over again – constantly taking visitors to discover the hidden places on our island. On this extended countryside tour, we let you sample a slice of mountain biking with an extended excursion of crossing along a secluded mountain pass.  Get an upclose encounter with the many spice and fruits plantations by the seacliff.   

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