Cycling Day Experience

Tour 1.3 Highlands Premier Ride


An explicitly intended expert level Mountain Biking presented as private outing only.

 Embrace the wonders of the mountains with the best outfit, the Sunshine Troupers of Matahari Cycle. The hills of Penang island have an extensive network of trails built by the farmers from generations ago, and the best way to go around them is with us.

These mountains which form the central backbone of the island has comprehensive capillaries of paths with one outstanding characteristic – they are long and steep. The only way to conquer these paths is with the might of grit, a deep sense of patience and strong determination. 

 Secluded and not known to the majority of our locals, the slopes and valley of our playground symbolised the dimension from our early society. A tropical jungle versus the people – parcel of lands on these slopes can disclose the historical story line of Penang Island.  

Take a look deep into the mountain which is still sanctified by extraordinary natural merits – from flora and fauna, rivers and waterfalls, land animals to the feathered beauties. Ride into our monumental history by getting up close to the colonial structures of a dam with extensive supply viaducts to the funicular train tracks, arch bridge and tunnel. 

 Your expedition includes riding through cultivated slopes of various products – vegetables, fruit plants, flower gardens and other spices. Chance upon the friendly farmers to learn about their life up these mountains.

Please note that the area covered on these trips may differ and serve depending on the assessment. 


  • Return Transfers – within Penang Island
  • Bicycle & Safety Helmet
  • Guide/s
  • Support Crew
  • Support Truck
  • Bottled Drinking Water -unlimited
  • Coffee/Tea & Delicacies
  • Sumptuous Local Lunch
  • Energy Snacks & Bites

Map & Location

Enjoy some of the best mountain biking trails on Penang Island and get ready to indulge in wonders you never thought exist.  The mountainous areas on the island consist of a network of trails build and maintain by farmers who live within the slopes or valley. On this private tour outing, you are about to experience places not even known to the majority of the locals.

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