Cycling Day Experience

Tour 1.4 Eco-Seberang Tour (Mainland Penang)


#earlycivilization Guar Kepah Archeological Gallery is home to the first, and only Neolithic skeleton of a woman found intact in a shell midden. The skeleton which was found fully intact was named “Penang Woman.” From here, we travel along the banks of the Muda River, the primary source of water supply to two states. Forming a natural boundary between the state of Kedah and Penang, this river delta provides many highlights such as an abandoned rail bridge, and the British-Siamese Boundary Stone (the year 1869) located in a remote field, farmlands, paddy fields, and of course native culture and economic activities. Witnessing an old trade of fisherman trading their catch by whispering into the ear at “Pasar Bisik” Whispering Market


  • Return Transfers – optional
  • Bicycle & Safety Helmet
  • Guide/s
  • Support Crew
  • Support Truck
  • Bottled Drinking Water -unlimited
  • Coffee/Tea & Delicacies
  • Sumptuous Local Lunch

Map & Location

There is one thing we love doing over and over again – constantly taking visitors to discover the hidden places on our island. On this extended countryside tour, we let you sample a slice of mountain biking with an extended excursion of crossing along a secluded mountain pass.  Get an upclose encounter with the many spice and fruits plantations by the seacliff.   

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