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Tour 1.1 Balik Pulau Countryside Experience (The Classic)


One Tour Many Experiences – Throughout Journey of the Countryside that will remain as your Lifetime Experience

Over a decade of enthralling thousands of visitors from the world over, we can undoubtedly tag this as our classic tour. A “must-do activity” is not just a bike tour but a journey that will tickle all your senses and be proven to exceed your expectations.

A classic adventure tour for an all-ordinary Malaysia experience.  Set to tickle all your senses with the alluring scenery of the Balik Pulau countryside and the endless display of its rustic characteristics. The escapade to this authentic side includes multiple commentary stops in rustic settings. Top-rated and highly recommended by leading travel platforms, global destination publications and most satisfyingly our past clients. This tour is the most popular outing and receives constant excellent reviews on travel sites.

A day on this tour is a day brimmed with numerous experiences – a collective array of various tropical landscapes, multi-ethnicity villages, with the spread of estates to little pieces of the plantation, diversity of land animals to native and migratory birds and of course a clean, beautiful beach. Topping at the midway is a selection of mouth-watering dishes from the best of Balik Pulau, and local fruits both served to you at the lovely, charming spot.

Adorn with traditional trades and pastime activities, this land of heart-warming hospitality is guaranteed to gratify your excitement with continuous unexpected moments.

 This outing is a consolidation of the various Malaysian experiences composed into one single tour. The Balik Pulau Countryside Tour is made “unforgettable”.

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A wholesome spectacle of the countryside that takes you on a steady ride of various hamlets and villages, vast landscapes and plantations. From stops at the farm to fisherman’s post or trying out your skills as a planter. Being introduced to cottage industries and native spices that had charted the ancient trades and later the colonial history.   Poise yourself to a close and personal encounter with natural surroundings of various land mammals, birds, insects and reptiles along your trail route.

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