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10 Road-Trip Worthy Things to Do in Penang

On the opposite side of the Pearl of the Orient, life takes on a much quieter approach. Balik Pulau does not get the credit it deserves as a place worthy of a visit. Sure, it may not be as developed as George Town and certainly does not exude a similar charm to that of Batu Ferringhi’s but it makes up for all this with its peacefulness. Life in the city may get a little too stressful at times, and a nice, peaceful road-trip may be just what we all need. That’s right, gather your friends and put on your favorite mixtape because we’re bringing you 10 road-trip worthy things to do in Balik Pulau.

1. Get off the beaten path with Matahari Cycle Tours

The road less traveled often hide the best adventures, and sometimes adventures are best done on two wheels. The team of Matahari Cycle Tours is dedicated to offering you quality cycle tours around Balik Pulau in their Penang Balik Pulau country-side ride. Ride along picturesque trails as you pass by kampung (villages), plantations, paddy fields, and fishing villages. Discover the daily-life of Balik Pulau’s residences while soaking in the fresh morning air. In addition to their country-side ride, Matahari also offers tours to Langkawi and up Mount Jerai. It is simply not about the destination when you ride with Matahari Cycle Tours but the memories made on the journey.

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